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Waterproof luminous powder
Waterproof luminous powder is our daily use of ordinary rare earth long-lasting long afterglow luminous powder, after the manufacturers of waterproof coating treatment of special-purpose waterproof water-based luminous powder, widely used in printing, heat transfer, water-based luminous ink, water-based luminous paint, water Luminous paint, or directly into the water or added to the water-based material for a long time, will not lose hair effect.
Waterproof luminous powder Features:
1, long-lasting luminous powder does not contain any radioactive material, non-toxic, harmless, non-burning, phosphorus-free, lead and other harmful elements or chemicals, safety of the human body through the EU environmental standards.
2, with stable physical and chemical properties.
3, the service life of more than 20 years.
4, easy to mix with a variety of transparent media raw materials. Steamed meat
5, light-emitting pigments are mainly yellow-green, blue and green, sky blue light
Model: 1002GS, 1000A6S, 1000TS, 2005S, 1800

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